MIRA-PHC Connect

The third mode of MIRA Channel is called is called ‘MIRA-PHC Connect’ which works as a complete communication and service delivery platform in sync with public health network of Haryana State Rural Health Mission. This toolkit has two different applications, customized for both ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activist) and ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse and Mid-wives) respectively. ASHA application works like the ‘MIRA Worker Toolkit’, but is customized for ASHAs. Here again, ASHA visits the women on a weekly basis and advises women using iconic graphics with basic audio support. The information capsules provide info-graphics on growing baby in the week, dietary, medical related, dos and dons. On every weekly visit, ASHA also asks women a set of 5 symptomatic questions which are related to high risk pregnancies (HRPs) like anemia, pre-eclampsia etc. The question is answered in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in green and or red dots respectively. The second application is for the ANMs to interact with data service delivery. All the women data sent over the server are viewed by the ANM. An ANM can view pregnancy records of all women of the ASHAs. ANM triggers action request to ASHAs for ANC check-ups of women. All the records of the checkup are uploaded on state health servers and shared with ASHA. The system produces instantaneous ‘Live-Data’ for the state to take timely decisions and action. This component is being piloted in Mewat district with 180 ASHAs and 23 ANMs and will soon be scaling this for the whole state of Haryana with 11,000 ASHAs and 1500 ANMs.