MIRA Individual App

ZMQ has established the MIRA Channel in three different modes. The first mode is called the ‘MIRA Individual App’ which is setup on the mobile phones of the individual in communities for self-management of health. Currently, it has been implemented in the state of Haryana with a subscription of 60,000 women/girls. The app has multiple sub-channels with icon-based interactive tool kits, health calculators and trackers such as pregnancy week-by-week, immunization tracker, menstrual cycle calculator, family planning and infection prevention toolkit. Use of iconic messaging system throughout the channel enables women with low or no literacy levels understand issues easily and quickly. It also has provides micro-audio messages in local language which can be downloaded as add-on. The channel also allows multiple registrations on a single mobile handset can be shared with groups of women in community. This inspiration has been taken from ZMQ’s experience of working with SHGs where a single phone in a group can be used by rest of the 15-20 women present in the group.

MIRA Individual App is being disseminated through different modes to reach to women and communities individually. We are also using the networks of telecom recharge centers (kiosks), community radio stations and network of SHGs for dissemination. We have partnered with Nokia and it is disseminated through Nokia App stores. We are also working with schools and NGOs and do regular workshops to take MIRA to rural, peri-urban and slum communities.