ZMQ Outcome Map






Long-term Outcome/Impact

Increased uptake of MCH services

  • # of MCH registrations and tracking achieved in project area

  • # of MCH registrations and tracking beyond project area

  • # of ANCs, and immunizations completed in project area


  • MIRA workers training women in project area to use the  MIRA channel apps for MCH awareness and registration of  eligible women

  • Registration of eligible women and adolescents in the project area by  MIRAs using both offline (hard copy) and online MIRA registers

  • Offline and online MIRA registers

  • MIRA dashboard / MIRA backend analytics

  • Office records

  • Project area PHC data



Short-term Outcomes

Increased use of MIRA channel

  • # of MIRA channel downloads

  • # of MIRA apps downloaded (disaggregated by app)

  • Average amount of time spent on the app (disaggregated by app)

  • MIRA workers deploying MIRA channel on mobile phones of women in project area

See above data sources

Women have access to mobile phones

Community members disseminate MIRA channel

  • % of trained MIRA workers that are active in channel dissemination

  • See above activities


Female MIRA workers can move freely around the community


Community members trained in MIRA



  • # of MIRA workers trained


  • Training materials

  • Channel development

  • See above activities


  • Project data



MIRA Channel Scaled

  • # of MIRA applications completed

  • MIRA Channel launched

  • App design

  • Developing more MIRA channel

  • Sample field testing of apps

  • Development of next level content and  system architecture

  • Project data