Haryana (Mewat)

Mewat is predominantly a Meo population which is highly backward community with extremely low development indicators. MIRA is tied up with MDA (Mewat Development Agency) a government agency working to uplift the district. MDA has a not-for-profit organization called MMVS (Mewat Mahila Vikas Society) which is established as a special program for empowerment of women through by constituting Self Help Groups (SHGs) and is working regularly for women empowerment. MMVS has formed over 2166 Self Help Groups comprising of 26,112 women. These groups are organized under the Mewat level SHG Federations and 6 block level SHG  Federations in Nuh, Hathim, Nagina, Punhana, Taoru and Firozpur Jhirka. These groups have adopted advanced technologies in the field of agriculture, horticulture, and management of the groups. These activities have made them self-reliant and courageous to fight social evil and atrocities, and enjoy good life by using modern amenities and participating in cultural activities.

ZMQ’s MIRA has been rolled out with 6 SHG Federations with a total strength of 130,000 women. The name of the 6 Federations are as follows:

  • Ekta Mahila Vikas Samiti (SHG Federation) in Nuh

  • Sewa Mahila Vikas Samiti (SHG Federation) in Jhirka

  • Sahyog Mahila Vikas Samiti (SHG Federation) in Punhana

  • Nai Roshni Mahila Vikas Samiti (SHG Federation) in Nagina

  • Nai Kiran Mahila Vikas Samiti (SHG Federation) in Tauru

  • Jagriti Mahila Vikas Samiti (SHG Federation) in Hathin

MIRA Individual App is used by the women in the SHGs. Trainings are given to the group leaders in the SHGs who in turn work with the women within their groups. MIRA channel allows multiple registrations on a single mobile handset can be shared with groups of women in community. This inspiration has been taken from the fact that a single phone in a group can be used by all the women (15-20) present in the same group. Apart from its distribution through SHGs and MFIs, the MIRA Individual Channel is disseminated through two Community Radios stations, which broadcasts one hour program daily about the MIRA. The channel is also spread through 300 re-charge centers (kiosks) in Haryana for smooth download and dissemination.

Under the ‘MIRA Worker’ mode, the channel is spread through a set of 50 MIRA workers who have been established in the district of Mewat, Haryana. There are 10 MIRA workers in each of the five blocks of Mewat. Each MIRA worker operates in a fixed area with a population of 1,200 people (almost a village) and overall reaching to 60,000 + population.

Under the ‘MIRA-PHC Connect’ mode, the channel works as a total communication, information, management and service delivery system for National Health Mission Haryana. This mode has been adopted by Haryana Government Health Department and currently operates in Mewat district of Haryana with 180 ASHAs and 23 ANMs. Each ASHA has operates with a population of 1,000 thus connecting with a population of 175,000 people approximately.