MIRA Innovation

MIRA is often quoted by many national and international agencies as one of the most unique model for MCH which can create a big change in the health indicators in the developing world.
MIRA Channel (Women Mobile Lifeline Channel) is an integrated mobile phone channel which provides total communication, information, management and service delivery to rural women on MCH It has numerous innovations, standing out from other solutions.

  1. MIRA’s objective is to make mobile phones women friendly by provisioning valuable content for women to manage their health. The biggest innovation is creating a mobile channel for rural women in low resource settings. Provisioning useful lifeline tools increases the uptake of mobile phones by women. It creates a movement to make mobile phones gender-neutral.

  2. MIRA system produces instantaneous ‘Live-Data’ for state to take timely decisions and action. This dashboard is viewed by state officers on minute-to-minute basis to review the status of women, ASHA activities, ANC checkups, High Risk Pregnancies and ANM working. This helps in reduction of Maternal and Infant mortality rates.

  3. MIRA is a holistic channel which has moved away from away from traditional concept of an App. MIRA is based on a channel approach with multiple sub-channels like Pre-natal care, Child immunization, Newborn care, Family planning and Adolescent health issues with an objective to improve maternal and child health through RMNCH+A approach.

  4. MIRA has icon-based interactive toolkits, health calculators and trackers like pregnancy week-by-week tracker, immunization tracker, menstrual cycle calculator, family planning tracker and infection prevention toolkit. Use of icons and graphics enable women with low literacy levels understand easily. MIRA is a ‘Talking Machine’ with local language audio support. Never such content has been provisioned in low-resources mobiles. People talk about SMS which is redundant when majority of people still cannot read or write.

  5. MIRA provides consistent messaging to beneficiaries. Provisioning of messages through the mobile phones creates a level of trust among communities. MIRA also brings in adequate transparency in operations and performance.

  6. MIRA has value-added services (VAS tools) like stimulating social mobile games, story-telling tools and decision-making stories which provide edutainment to women on social health issues. VAS tools motivate communities to adopt new behaviors.

  7. MIRA is provisioned in 3 modes: MIRA-Individual for women beneficiaries, MIRA-toolkit for healthcare volunteers and MIRA-Connect for government health-workers, thus reach to as many people as possible for information and service delivery.

  8. MIRA provides holistic one-stop channel to meet all needs of rural women. It has non-health components like skills development and vocational training programs for rural women, thus has a high business proposition.
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